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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  November 15, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PST

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by camp at the cal campus. it is >>jackie: there are three occupy cal protesters out here right now. there are hoping that today staff, faculty and students will go along with this one day general strike. here is what
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one protester had to say. >>jackie: we have lost our sound. here is a list of the vans that are planning to have. at noon, they will have a mass convergence. >>james: they could attempt to set up tents again.
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>>darya: against the police moved in and removed cents from frank ogawa plaza. what is the situation now? will tran is seeking the look at the conditions into the cleanest that is happening. >>will: good morning. you concede this city workers are still power washing the plaza to make sure that it is restored.
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>>darya: well, is there a raw sewage smell? >>will: human feces, urine. even the officers that were here, i asked them if they smelled it. they said absolutely. i asked the officers as they would allow their child to sit here at this time and they said absolutely not.
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>>darya: they give, will. >>james: for the first time there are no occupy protesters in a new york. early this morning police began to push them out of the park. about 100 protesters were arrested during this morning's raid. right now hundreds of occupied wall street protesters are marching in manhattan. they have vowed to block traffic during rush hour. >>justine: it blumberg says that the police are doing what is best for the community. demo we have an
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obligation to enforce the laws. we have a just as important obligation to protect the health and safety of the people in the park. >>george: there was an overturned vehicles. emergency crews arrived on
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scene and started walking another line in order to write the vehicle at concord avenue. it is not backing up traffic beyonce highway 880 4. it is starting to approach marina vista. it
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looking at your ride on 101, we are reporting a wet deck. no delays northbound or southbound. we're picking up more slowing in marin county for southbound 101. the time is now 7:08 a.m.. we will take a break into the kron 4 news will direct back.
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>>james: following the latest developments out of penn state, former assistant coach jerry sandusky says he is innocent of charges that he sexually abused boys over the years. in a phone interview with bob costas he says he is not a pedophile but admits some details in the grand jury reports are accurate. >> there is a 40 count indictment that the grand jury report contains specific details. there are multiple accusers and multiple eyewitnesses to various aspects of abuse. a reasonable person says, where it there is this much tote--where there is this much smoke, there must be fired. >> i am innocent of those charges. >> innocent? completely innocent and falsely accused in every aspect? >> i could say that i have done some of those things, i have forced around with kids. i have shower after
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workouts, i have hunted them and i have touched their leg, without intent of sexual contact. >>james: when pressed, sandusky said the only thing he thinks he did wrong was shower with those children. he is currently free on $100,000 bail. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside as the skies over san francisco. pretty warm temperatures this afternoon compared to what we're looking at for the weekend.
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if the >>george: we are tracking to different hot spots. the crash is not completely cleared from interstate 680 at concord avenue southbound. the bad news is it is backed up to the benicia bridge. it will take a while for the back of his clear. we may be looking at delays for a while even
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though the accident is completely cleared from the traffic lanes. interstate 80 is still a ways out. 18 minutes is the biggest drive time. fit
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>>erica: as we head into the afternoon, widespread sunshine. temperatures are on the mild side getting into the mid '60s. overnight, mostly clear skies. wind speeds are averaging 8 mi. per hour. let's get a look at where current temperatures are. thirties in santa rosa and nevada. as we check out where temperatures will go the next hour we will still see 40's. for the most part we will work our way into the fifties for most locations. take a look at
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temperatures as day's slide. today temperatures are mostly in the mid-60s. saturday and sunday we will struggle to get out of the mid-50s.
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>>darya: here is a look at decision 2012. the top gop presidential candidates are shuffling around in the polls. the latest poll is coming to us from cnn. herman cain has dropped to third place among republican voters. support for a new gingrich has jumped 14 percentage points. mitt romney is still on top, the front runner with a 24%. >>james: caltrans has fired
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an investigator who fabricated tests. half >> there was an insinuation that there was an issue with the bay bridge, we looked at all of the test and performed-judge decided there were no issues. >>darya: new details, the conjoined twins that were separated, angelica and financially f will be returning home from the hospital later this week after a 10 hour surgery. the family says the twins are doing quite well. they're taking their first steps.
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when they were connected, they used to shuffle sideways. now, they are apart and have to learn how to walk forward. >>james: we have one headline out of the east bay. person is dead and another injured falling in a drive-by shooting in richmond. police found a man dead at the scene and a woman injured. investigators found the car that was used in a drive-by shooting but at this point there are no suspects in custody. >>darya: we are back with more and a couple of minutes.
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>>darya: another shutdown of the federal aviation authority is possible. lawmakers have not resolved the labor issue that is holding up passage of a long-term bill. the faa was shut down for two weeks over the summer and a dispute involving the labor issue. tens of thousands of employees and airport construction workers were temporarily laid off.
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>>james: one and five people have trouble hearing in one or both years. researchers say headphones along with aging and genetics is contributing to the hearing loss. enjoy the weather what
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you can, it is changing this weekend. f
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>>james: faculty and students are calling for a general strike at cal. jackie sissel, we are about a half an hour away from seeing things get under way? >>jackie: we are expected people to show off around 8:00 a.m.. the campus is wallpapered with notices of the general strike. people have written on the wall to remind people that the general strike is today. not much is happening. this is
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the occupy center. this is where everything went down last thursday where they intend to set up an occupied camp and were turned away by campus police. they're hoping that students along with faculty and staff will all observe this general strike and not go to class. we spoke with a couple of protestors this morning, they talked about what they hope to accomplish today. >> there are no sit-ins' or anything but we are calling this the open universities of the people will walk out. class's will be brought outside if need be. there will be teach out and artistic sculptures and things erected. anything and everything imaginable. it will have a carnival less appearance.
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>>jackie: there are a lot of activities planned for today. at noon and they will have a mass convergence. at 5:00 p.m. they will have a mass general assembly on small plaza. a couple of new developments happen overnight. the uc chancellor has granted amnesty for the 40 protesters that were arrested last week they have been given complete amnesty and charges will not be pressed against them. protesters from oakland and san francisco are also joining this protested it. >>james: there is a difference between occupied protesters and the people at berkeley. escalating tuition costs are their grievance.
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>>james: this is video from uc-berkeley police forcefully pushing back protesters at sprawl plaza. we will be waiting and watching to see if anything like this happens again. >>darya: we saw clashes at french ogawa plaza but what is going to happen over here and snow park? will tran is alive with the protesters are evicted from one spot. >>will: many protesters are calling this home. you are looking at the kitchen
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area. there are maybe two dozen tents. many of the people i recognize from frank ogawa plaza are here. the sepals and not know how much longer they will be here. in the meantime, they are here. there are a lot of people walking by to lake merritt. so far we do not see any police officers coming by. in the meantime this is their home away from home. george,--
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>>george: we have been trekking to hot spots. concord 680 southbound, believe it or not, the accident that caused this back up is now long gone and completely cleared from the roadway. the back of remains with us from the benicia bridge south to concord avenue and highway 4. this has not cleared out yet in part because there is really no where for the traffic to go. coming south into walnut creek, you have to deal with traffic coming from to 42 and highway 4.
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>>george: we have been watching the back up to grow. it will be a slow ride as you get closer to the pay gates. the drive time is now pushing 80 minutes. >>erica: in walnut creek, i
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told you that the sunshine was on its way. here it is. nice conditions, no problems or worries. we are contending with north bay fog. that will result in hazardous driving conditions. we're going to show you exactly where temperatures are outside the door. 30's, 40's and 50's. as we take a look at where temperatures go into the afternoon, a lot of sixties. we are working with some pretty tight ranges this afternoon. hist in the north bay, low sixties for the most part. as we turn our attention to satellite and radar clear conditions over the bay area. all that will change as the storm front of drops closer to us and bringing
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cooler temperatures. the first chance of rain is in thursday evening's particularly into the north bay. as we head towards friday we will wake up to widespread showers. those showers will persist into the weekend. >>darya: us let's take a look at wall street, it has been about one hour after the opening bell. >>justine: we're getting live pictures into the newsroom in new york, it is pristine, clean and clear of its occupied wall street protesters. we can still see the barricades that are put up and police in full riot gear. a national lawyers guild says they have obtained a court order that will allow protesters to return with their 10's to the park. the mayor says he
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is headed to court to resolve this issue. right now the park is clean and clear. >>james: we're going to take a quick break, here is a live look from the mt. tam cam looking back towards san francisco. on the left you can make up the very top of one of the towers of the golden gate bridge. we're back with more in a moment.
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>>darya: mayor jean quan announced that her deputy mayor has resigned effective immediately. this comes after the legal advice desert for mayor jean quan advise. >>james: a quick break. here is a live look outside. here
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is a view at the golden gate bridge.
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>>darya: good morning gary. how are you. let's talk
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about football. people think that aaron rogers can do no wrong. look at the trajectory, the velocity, he is amazing. he makes it look easy. >>gary: people who know the game are saying, there is no quarterback who has ever played a better. the packers are 9-0. that is saying a lot. there is a tendency, we are all doing that. >>darya: every time this comes of those 40 niners fans kick themselves.
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>>gary: you do not hear that as much of this year because alex smith is doing pretty well. when you talk about aaron rogers, remember, 21 other teams passed on him until he was elected. the forty-niners were not the only dumb ones. >>gary: sunday was it for me. i wanted to see them be a really good team. they did. the new york giants.
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now, the raiders are coming up with the vikings. the raiders were and # one. i was keeping an eye on is the cheeks were losing. i saw an amazing place. honestly, i had to watch this in slow motion. behind the back? >>gary: wasn't there a penalty? >>darya: yes. but someone lined up along. i love this place. >>gary: there was a play in the super bowl a few years ago that came close to that. if
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>>darya: i love it! i was rooting for the cheese to lose so that the raiders could stay number one. house asks
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>>gary: go to a bar, sit with a guy, listen to him complain. as i really work out? >>darya: i do not know. >>darya: we will be right back.
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>>george: 680 southbound leaving walnut creek into the san ramon valley is backed up. there is an accident and a fist fight, believe it or not, are tying up traffic. it is still slow getting into walnut creek coming out of concord and getting into concord coming out of benicia. a complete check on hot spots coming up. >>james: analysts say that
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crude oil prices have increased since 20 percent since the beginning of october. u.s. crude-oil prices have reached the $100 a barrel price for the first time since july. some believe gas prices could top the $4 mark nationally. they have already done that in the bay area. the national average has not been that high since to thousand eight. >>darya: we're back with more and a couple of minutes.
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>>darya: the occupy movement is making news again. occupy protesters are out-just out
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of frank ogawa plaza. at cal berkeley they are inviting occupy protesters to get an on an occupied cal movement this morning. >>james: jackie sissel is our sole reporter on the scene. it was at 8:00 a.m. that there were calling for a general strike to begin. >>jackie: yes. from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. today. they are hoping that staff, faculty and students will go along with this one day strike and not go to class. this is all on the heels of what happened last thursday when the occupy movement attempted to set up as broad
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plaza. you can see with the building looks like right now. there are no overnight campers. there were some protesters who stayed overnight that they did not camp there. we spoke with a couple of protesters and got their opinion on what they thought might happen. >> no sit-ins' or anything but basically we are calling it the open university. we want class is to be brought outside if need be. there will be teach outs and artistic sculptures and things are corrected. anything and everything imaginable, really. >>jackie: they talked about all kinds of activities going on. 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.. they are hoping that they will have to teach out and workshops and public readings going on. at noon they have a mass convergence. at 5:00 a.m.
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they talk about having a mass general assembly to talk about what the future holds for occupied out. there are a couple of developments that happens overnight. the uc chancellor at uc-berkeley has granted amnesty to the 40 students that were arrested on thursday. he said that charges will not be pressed against them. >>james: here at 8:00 a.m. it starts with a sizzle but the day is young. >>darya: as we follow what is going on with occupy oakland since moving from frank ogawa plaza, we are seeing more 10's pop up at snow park where protesters have been the setting up since they are no longer welcome to camp in the plaza. will tran is live out
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there this morning. what is going on out there and are there police there this morning? >>will: i do not see any police officers. apparently some occupiers have told me that some officers told them that they have one week to be here. they are not driving around at this point. after that police officers will either moved in or try to make life uncomfortable. people around this neighborhood are beside themselves. snow park was very beautiful for this. instead now, it is filled with maybe two dozen tents.
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these people feel very comfortable where they are at. they are not going anywhere. might take more police action for them to remove the people here especially since this is so beautiful. >>justine: here is what is new into the kron 4 news room. for the first time in two months there are no occupy wall street protesters camped out in a new york. you can see the trash that was left behind. this is the main reason why the mayor wanted to clear them out. police are in full riot gear had arrived earlier this morning and later on arrested 100 protesters. after police evicted them, protesters marched along lower manhattan. some pause interlocked arms outside
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city hall left peacefully when more police arrived. some have accused officers of violating constitutional rights but the mayor says that the police are doing what is best for the community. >> new york city is the city where you can come and express yourself. the city is open and welcoming. what was happening in the park was not that. it had developed into a situation that was prohibiting many people from expressing their views. the park had to be shut down after officials learned of a court order that barred the city from enforcing some rules at the
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park. now the mayor says the park will have to stay closed until city officials can get more information. we are also following wall street this morning. the dow has been up and down. we have some green and red. currently the dow is off by 25 points. the s&p is off almost two points. stocks are wavering this morning. we are also watching traffic this morning. >>james: >>george: and walnut creek, 680 has been a hot spot. it started with an accident on comfort avenue and backed up traffic hot on the benicia bridge.
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>>george: here is a look at the traffic maps. cough marin county is a hot spot. here is the ride on a 101 southbound. the drive time out of novato is not so bad. coming out of the novato narrows it will be slow. you will need add another 10 minutes. we are looking at a 47 minute drive time from
8:08 am
the beginning of the back of the leading down to the golden gate bridge. as we look at the bay bridge, the backup is no longer reaching to the 880 over crossing. the san mateo bridge has been pretty quiet all morning long. you will see that it is an easy commute in both directions. for the golden gate there are no delays northbound or southbound. for the ride on public transit this morning, there are still no delays. things are reported a strain is on time. there are no delays from arrived on board this morning. we're going to take a break, the kron 4 morning news will direct tax. hot
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>>erica: we are taking a look at temperatures right outside the door. temperatures are pretty warm. we are still holding on the upper 30s in santa rosa and nevada. in downtown san francisco, 50 degrees. same for hayward. 47 for those of you in oakland. into the afternoon, widespread 60's and upper 50s and places like half moon bay. low sixties for the most part. we could squeeze out six for those of you in santa rosa. your 7 day around the bay forecast
8:12 am
does show that we will continue to see my old and sunny conditions stretching into tomorrow. cloud cover for thursday. we have the potential for what weather friday into the weekends. the time right now is a 12:00 a.m.. we will take a quick break and the kron 4 morning news will be right back. kava
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>>james: caltrans has fired a technician for fabricating
8:15 am
inspection test. some bridge experts are criticizing that state agencies saying that the integrity of the bay bridge is under question. the acting director for caltrans says that many steps have been put into place in and taken to ensure that the bridge and other projects are safe. >> says there was an insinuation that there was an issue. we looked at all the tests performed on all of the foundations and performed-judge decided that there were no issues. >>james: the technicians boss was also fired but they say that that was on and on related issues. >>george: we are tracking a hot spot for your ride on interstate 680. this continues to be a problem southbound. right now the biggest back up. there were
8:16 am
a series of accidents this morning, the first of which was at concord avenue. that is what tied up the avenue on 680 southbound. let's take a close wells. this is the slow traffic that is still coming in from benicia and solano county. that was because of the concord avenue crash. there was also in accidents that resulted in a fist fight on the roadway. and address some out of margin as is 40-50 minutes to the dublin and to change. on the bay bridge,
8:17 am
an early end to the back up heading towards the upper deck. your ride on the san mateo bridge has been surprised free and free of heavy traffic. we are already starting to see what looks like for the golden gate bridge there are no delays northbound or southbound. 817, a time for the check on weather. >>erica: here is a look at this gorgeous shot from the mt. tam cam. plenty of glass eyes and a little bit of cloud cover. we are dealing with fog in the north gate of the good news is as we head into the afternoon we will anticipate mild conditions. temperatures will be running in the '60s for the most part and plenty of sunshine. we have been
8:18 am
staying in the 40's and places like los gatos and san jose. as we see where the temperatures go into the afternoon, by 12:00 p.m., green on the screen indicates temperatures in the '60s hold in on the upper 50s along the coast. as we get closer to the afternoon highs, we will not see temperatures budget too much. right now we are
8:19 am
clear and anticipating a mild conditions. the storm system is making its way inward. we could have a wet weekend. more on that coming up in my next report. >>darya: we are taking a look at new details about the conjoined twins that were separated. angelica and angela cup. they will be going home later this week after a successful 10 hour surgery to separate them. fear is something you do not think about it. because they were attached, they would walk shuffling from side to side. now, a part of their therapy is learning how to walk forward, one step at a time. that is after the november 1st surgery. the girls or ease of oxidation. they are now having physical and occupational therapy so they can learn to stand and walk forward.
8:20 am
>>james: a drive-by shooting in a rich man's happened just before 9:00 a.m.. on west ruby avenue and second street. police found a man dead at the scene and found a woman who had been shot and injured. investigators also found the car that they believe was used in the drive by. at this point there are no suspects. >>darya: another shutdown of the essay is possible. according to rockefeller he says the lawmakers have not resolve a labor issue. the faa was shut down over the summer for two weeks over a dispute for labor issues. if the white house is touting progress in cutting government waste.
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>>darya: the big board was slightly down, it is now driving a little bit lower. the dallas off by 62 points. we will be right back. 1/2 student will
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>>darya: let's check the numbers on wall street. >>james: the dow is down. >>darya: done to this crab season started at 12:01 p.m.. there is a distant with buyers over prices. seafood processors and the boat owners association are looking to reach a deal in the next couple of days. fishermen are looking for a repeat of last year's catch.
8:56 am
>>darya: here is a live look at the 7 day around the bay forecast. sunny skies and night temperatures. the clouds will roll in on thursday and the rain comes in on friday. it looks like we had a chilly weekend on tap. >>james: when we come back, the latest on the occupy movement. tantau berkeley have an all day thing going on. jackie sissel will be giving us a live report. >>darya: a window washer needs to be rescued in dallas, texas. we will be right back. and forgot
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(male announcer) live from the bay area news channel, this is the kron 4 news. >> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. we're still tracking hot spots. at the right on the 680 southbound out of pleasant hill is not only in to walnut creek is still south. an accident ias prevention and if.t in the southbound. as we check
9:00 am
out the traffic. at the accident was also a result with a roadside reach incident. interstate 8800. roadside rage. on the 680. and from the macarther maze you can see that it is backed up by the 24. you might think that this is going to the bay bridge but it is not. in fact, take a look at the bay bridge there is no backup. it is an easy drive to and from the upper deck. >> the golden gate looks good. no delays on the northbound, the southbound. however it is still sluggish in marin county it is no longer a " hot spot ". >>darya: thank you, ga. 9:00 a.m. a double live look at the occupy movements. on the right it is snow park. ia sense the
9:01 am
structures have been moved from frank ogawa plaza. that is a look at stowe par on the right.w park. and now, jackie is a live at calthe kelp plaza. >>jackie: is nowthere are three separate class is being taught outside. on cal campus some of the protesters are on the occupied cal. they have not been able to set up " camp " to. but
9:02 am
this is an open university day it is a general strike. but they're hoping that classes will be cancelled. students, faculty and staff will observe this so far it has been a slow start. things have been planned for later today. in fact, this is the agenda. there is supposed to be a amass convergence asat sproul hal stand a mass assembly. the university chancellor has granted amnesty of the 40 protesters that was taken into custody on thursday. when those protesters attempted to set up camp, there will not be prosecuted. they were taken
9:03 am
earlier last week. >>jackie: also the solidarity movement will be joined from other occupy protesters. >>darya: thank you, jackie and will tran it is iin this small park. good morning, well. snow park. >>will: daria, i am in stowe pasnow park. this is a place of retreat when anything has happened at city hall for these protesters. according to the city hall of they have up to one week without a restaurant for them to be able to stay here. they can be out here without harassment -- for at least the
9:04 am
amount of one-1.5 weeks. according to city hall. there is a similar set up. this is the kitchen. this is kind of like their frank ogawa plaza hands setup. however, this is a beautiful park. many of these people are not from here but they come here in oakland and protest. so far, nothing is going on. people from the financial area are looking and not saying anything. it looks like who knows? maybe more people will come here. it looks like it is a miniature tourist section. with no more clashes, and no arrests. it is however busy with the occupied movement.
9:05 am
>> thank you. >>justine: the new york judge is determining the feasibility of the evacuating those protesters from the occupy wall street. as i mentioned, the police cleared out that parker earlier. they had to power washed that area. 100 protesters were arrested after that-park was cleared out earlier. now, people are accusing the police of violating their personal property rights. however, mayor bloomberg
9:06 am
comments. >> we have a history going back to the founding of opening and welcoming and what is happening was not that out. develop into a situation that was prohibiting a lot of people from expressing their views. assuming that judges will becomes vacated that will become an opportunity for people to see if the police acted properly. >>justine: mayor bloomberg is saying that these parts will stay closed until they of more affirmation on this court order. the court order prevents protesters from the people out of the city park. if they are able to let them in the with the park with their belongings? we will keep you posted.
9:07 am
>>erica: but ithese situations are already starting up with a mostly clear start today. we are seeing those light winds and mild temperatures. mild temperatures will be in the 60s for the most part. as we go towards the end of the week we do and changes to talk about. the changes are in the form of wet weather. going up the door, we can see that it is 45 degrees in a bottle. we're looking at 47 degrees in napa. 51 degrees expected in downtown san francisco. a decent and spreading of 60s for oakland, novado, santa rosa. the satellite/ritter shows clearing. and that will show some changes
9:08 am
as we progress towards tonight. with your a look at your 7 day around the bay cool temperatures and precipitation persistent starting on friday. 9:08. we will be right back. ♪
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even upgrade to over 170 hd channels. that's more than cable. [ female announcer ] at&t u-verse: tv like you've never seen before. a daria welcome back. the dow jones has been down. >>darya: . welcome back. so far, retail sales are down. earlier report saying that retail sales have been increased just 0.5%. and the increasing in auto sho-- consumer spending increasing.
9:12 am
the commerce department is a sign that the stockpile of new businesses increased just slightly. only 0.6% in the month of september. it is the fourth consecutive increase, however. however slight. you can see a nice, sunny day. you can also see clouds and rain for the rest of this week later. later this week. ♪ ♪
9:13 am
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9:15 am
>>george: 9:15 still tracking 680 as a hot spot it is starting to improve a bit. believe it or not there is still a chp officer on the scene. this was an accident that was at least two earlier hours earlier. a fist fight ensued. the chp responded.
9:16 am
we are still recovering from this. it is adding at least 20 minutes from concord towards dublin. unfortunately, no alternate route. also, it the 880 eastbound towards all the neat is also backing up the traffic in the macarther maze. going -- north. up the mes. take a look at this view. this is the eastbound traffic. coming off of the bay bridge you are going to see slow traffic towards emeryville. there is at least one lane blocked. are regionally, a vehicle was overturned. it is upright but still, the 880 is getting still
9:17 am
difficult. to get onto the 80. >> the golden gate is looking good, in addition to the 92 san mateo and marin county. no delays southbound. 9:16. >>erica: good morning, george. what a beautiful morning as we see some zero cloud coverage. the good news is that we will see some low cloud coverage. and mid 60s will continue for the afternoon. for the most part it will be clear. there will be --bit of fog and clouds along the bay shore but not much. temperatures outside right now, we are looking at upper 40's. santa rosa is looking at 47 degrees. warmer in san francisco, 51 degrees. as we see
9:18 am
where these temperatures will progress. by noon, all of that green is indicating 60s. if we go towards 2:00 p.m., still 50s along the coast. this weekend, we do have a lot of changes to talk about. the wider the satellite and radar showing that storm system will impact your a look at your 7 day around the bay. the wet weather could be thursday night especially in the north bay. everybody is working up to widespread showers. persistent showers towards this weekend. >>darya: 9:18 warme penn state s speaking out. greg black has that and the latest developments.
9:19 am
>> sandusky says that he is not a pedophile. sandusky's spoke with bob costas on the rad/telephone. some details on e grand jury report are accurate. >> well, i have done some of those things. i have forced around with kids. i have showered after workouts. i have a horse to around with kids. i have h--hugged them without the intent of sexual conduct. >> coaches to that. that is a far different thing than saying that he is showering with children. the prosecution is alleging that he did other things. >>reporter: the charity that he
9:20 am
founded, the ceo of that charity has resigned. the interim director says that the organization will work hard to weather the storm >> i'd think it would be premature for me to say that it is not going to be a difficult challenge. >> greg black, >>darya: sandusky was asked if joe paterno had ever spoken to him about his behavior. and sandusky said no. >> new details on this impersonator. larry bantola allegedly sent three schools in three different threats. he mailed 1, fax, and e-mail, there were not credible and with losing classroom time. he remains in jail on area $380,000
9:21 am
bail. >> new this morning a bois stabbed early this mornin-8 doub stabbi -- a teenage boy wad this morning twice. one in his arm. the other near his neck. he is in stable condition. >> also a double homicide discovered with investigators finding a car that was used in a drive-by shooting. they have not made any arrests. >> the twins that were separated at the children's hospital are going to be able to go home this week. after a successful 10-hour surgery for
9:22 am
separation. they have to learn how to walk all by themselves. when they were joined together, they were used to shuffling. now, because of that surgery the girls are all of of sedation. if they are receiving the occupational therapy. they're receiving physical therapy. they are out of the intensive care unit. we will be back. a live look from the james lick camera. a lot of sunshine and very few cars. we will be back.
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
>>darya: there is another shutdown of the f a a possible. senator rockefeller says that all lawmakers to let not resolve a labor issue holding up passages of a no longer term funding bill. over this past summer, it and shut down for two weeks. faa employees and
9:26 am
construction workers were temporarily laid off. the oakland tower was also halted progress on the construction because of that. >> ofin addition, pilot progras to cut waste and medicare, medicaid, that improper payments has been cut by $18 billion in 2011. a proactive movement to save wasteful government spending. ♪ >>darya: these are the latest numbers for the gop race. mitt romney is at 24%. whoever is
9:27 am
leading will go up against barack obama at 43%. this situation has changed since some tauber, october 1st at the republican was slightly ahead of pau howeve, we will continue to monitor the 680. >>george: it is still backed up. the 6 80/24 interchange all the way to el contato road. i will update this and other areas coming up.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>darya: of our developing story is the occupy movement. we are looking at what is the general
9:30 am
strike at cal berkeley. jackie has been there all morning long and it has been business as usual. >>jackie: yes. we have some class is being conducted out side. if they had to go to class they were to be conducted out side. what is going on right now is that some of these clauses are being conducted by professors outside. these -- class's. it is an open university day. they are asking that staff, faculty and students boycott class. this all has to do with the occupy movement. last thursday they are intended to set up a camp and they were prevented by the uc campus. part of the issue is
9:31 am
that they want a full system revamped. the tuition is skyrocketing and causing difficulties for the student body. they have different issues addressing. at noon, they have a mass convergence. everybody will meet at sproul hall and all so eight general howe assembly meeting at sproul hall it seems however that students will have a general assembly meeting at sproul hall . it seems to pretty much be business as usual. >>darya: thank you, jacki. still oakland protesters instead of the frank ogawa plaza is at
9:32 am
snow park. will tran? >>will: what is the latest? the latest seems to be perhaps two, three more tense just this morning. people are coming here with two-three more structures -- >> well maybe there are three more a dozen tents. this is a kitchen area. people are getting up, and getting food. at this park, there is no overnight camping. i do not see any police. the police have been
9:33 am
maintaining a light police presence. these people are not going anywhere. they are polite and comfortable. this is a makeshift hospital. however, the people that normally come down in this business district say that snow park because it is so beautiful of an area of is a bit of an eyesore for these protesters. normally, these people and groups of women that normally do a tie shchai are on the gate of the entrance to stowe park. they are trying to just be a good neighbor at-still park. they're also making an effort to keep this clean at
9:34 am
stowe par snow park. . >>darya: they are still cleaning up the frank ogawa plaza and city hall. this city has sp spent several hours and resources. nearly $2.4 million has been spent towards over time, security, information technology upgrades. and even opening up the winter shelter, early. civil-rights are preventing the police for the use of tear gas on to the occupy protesters. the lawsuit was filed yesterday in seeking
9:35 am
an emergency restraining order against the oakland police department. timothy campbell was injured. he is the leading alleged victim. >>justine: facebook has been hacked. it is a sniper attack and they do not know how these images have been attacked. there are very weak passwords. it is a cyber-attack. they have recently been dealing with the sniper sniper attack " anonymous ". >>george: for some time, on
9:36 am
interstate 680 it is the southbound getting towards the san ramon valley towards danville. traffic is backed up earlier. with an accident at concord ave. it remained heavy. there was a crash at 7:00 a.m. we are still recovering from back. that was over two hours ago. there was an incident of a fist fight. the chp responded. ialso the san mateo bridge is looking decent. the golden gate also looking decent. problem-
9:37 am
free. 9:36. we will take a break and the kron 4 morning news will be right back. ♪ hey! you want that? you want a warm, super-delicious strawberry toaster strudel yeah but now i have nothing to eat sure you do. hey! you can have the pop tart! pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies with hershey's chocolate chips. for a moment of warm, gooey, togetherness. chocolate chip cookies... from pillsbury.
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>>erica: welcome back. 9:39 we are looking at a tight range of temperatures with 60s expected. bay-area wide. 66 degrees expected in the santa rosa. as we look towards mild conditions towards the bay area however, a storm system is coming and with wha precipitation expected for this weekend. >> thank you. >>darya: recently, we were looking at the dow jones with small gains, small losses. at
9:41 am
last check, the dow jones is bringing the dow jones down of a surprise drop in earnings. technology was only one of the cabinet different industries and the s&p 500 of the 10 different-industries within the s&p 500 that has been wavering. and earnings. taking a look at walnut creek. we will keep you updated and be right back
9:42 am
9:43 am
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9:45 am
>>darya: the charges against the sandusky are being denied. he says that heat is and has said that he sexually abused a series
9:46 am
of boys over the years. in a phone interview with bob costas, he says that he is not a pedophile. however, he does admit to some details. >> there are 40 counts containing specific details with multiple accusers, multiple witnesses. the reasonable person says that this with this much smoke there should be this amount of fire? what do you say? >> i say that i am innocent of those charges. >> innocent? and falsely the accused and every charge? >> well, i would say that i have done some of those things i have horsed around with kids and hugged them and showered after a workout and touched their legs.
9:47 am
>>darya: the attorney of sandusky does not say that that is an admission of guilt. the only thing that he did wrong was showering with the kids. he is currently free on a $100,000 bail. the >>justine: teleconference with the interim coach, todd bradley a live conference. i have been listening and and the mood of the players. this child sex scandal in impacting the team. he is content and proud of how the team is handling each situation. >>darya: thank you, justine.
9:48 am
>>george: this hot spot has been a grip on the commute and still must not let go. south is still backed up from the north 24 leading into the san ramon valley towards it danville. there could be still one chp officer on the scene. please understand that this was over two hours ago with a minor accident on the 600 salt. and a fist fight ensued from the 680 south -- the ambulance was sent because of a fist fight. the chp investigation could be causing this delay. in addition, look at how slow is traffic is moving. normally, the san ramon valley is loosening up at 9:00 a.m. however, that is not the case this morning. the east bay hot
9:49 am
spot east 88 and 0 at emeryville is improving. 880 eastbound was backing up the lower portion of the bay bridge. also clearing on the san mateo bridge. the last check was an easy one. the golden gate bridge is also looking good. we still have some heavy traffic coming in from marren. and ericka. >>erica: . coming in from marion county -- >> off from our rich and a downtown tavern cisco for the most part we are seeing clear skies from our roof camp downtown san francisco. this we did have earlier visibility is used however, no longer the
9:50 am
case. as we look at 60s today, but do have the chances for showers later this week. the temperatures outside the door are in the 40's and 50's. we are no longer dealing with 30's. santa rosa is our roof >>erica: this will indicate mostly 60s by lunch. mid-60s for this afternoon with even 50s along the coast. with your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast we will see 62 degrees in hayward. as i mentioned, a bit cooler along the coast. and into the north bay we will see plenty of 60s. sinophile, 60 in
9:51 am
richmond, 64 the afternoon high in the san rafael -- >> your 7 day around the bay shows mild conditions. however everything is really changing. we will introduce cloud coverage and things will be widespread shower activity this weekend. >>darya: 9:51 caltran has fired a technician for fabrication of a building project tests. that same worker was also involved with the seismic retrofitting on the bridge. the thesis that the bridges integrity is in question. they say that the bridge integrity could be in question. however, several steps have been put in place for safety. >> since this has been a concern, we have decided there
9:52 am
has been no issues with structural integrity. >>darya: they have also fired him, his boss, and his bosses firing is over having state property in his home. >>darya: more gasoline increases. at least 20% for this holiday season and it could even go code towards the holiday. crude is reaching $100 per barrel. going towards the holiday. they believe that crude could continue to increase with gas over $4 per gallon. that has not happened since 2008. maybe you are paid that last time you got gas? >> dr. conrad marie is facing a contempt over an interview
9:53 am
during the trial. a witness of the dr. conrad every trial - in which she criticized a witness of the prosecution and made a comment on the jury. he found that shocking. >> cover all deferreds has a new book. gabrielle giffords has a new book out. it speaks of her political career, and the shooting that happened in tucson, arizona. it killed six people and wounded herself and others. >> faced with the take it or leave it they decided to leave it. after rejecting the recent
9:54 am
proposal from the owners they are moving to disband, and a fight this and the court. they're going to fight an anti- trust against the nba. stern reacted by saying that this is a sure rate and the entire season is at stake. taking a quick look we will be right back. ♪ one taste, and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries. mm! america runs on dunkin'.
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>>george: interstate 680 southbound from walnut creek towards a danville is improving it is still not back to normal. it will take at least an additional 15 minutes from dublin towards dublin from placental. >>darya: a general strike is planned at berkeley at noon. the
9:58 am
occupy protesters are expected to join forces there. in the meantime, have a great day and we will see you, later. ♪ 00 ñ
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